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2015 Personal Goals

Desk Productivity

Tomorrow ushers in the first full work week for 2015.  Every year, I put some goals down on paper to assist me in my own personal accountability.  This year I am going to also post these goals here on the site and hopefully by the end of the year I can say all the goals were completed.

Here is my list and some of the goals are more specific while others seem very general.  My purpose is to change direction with some of my own habits and others do require specific end posts to be completed.

  • Being the best father, husband, friend, worker, and human being I can be.  Seems like an easy one, but it is important to think about others throughout the year and how our actions impact their lives.  We can be positive influences on the world around us or negative ones.  It is important to not be the later.  We need to constantly be thankful and humble.Desk Productivity
  • Take better care of myself through exercise and eating right.  We began this goal in Q3 of 2014 and we just need to continue the momentum.  This is a general one, because health does not have a specific number.  We want to be healthier and feel stronger, whatever that weight ends up being.
  • I am in the midst of writing a book about our family’s personal journey into the world of simple living.  We are not extremists by any means with minimalism or tiny house living.  We were a family who decided to make changes so my wife could be home with our son and then the positive changes continued to gain momentum.  We had no idea how great it felt to become more free from things and debt until it started to disappear.  I want this book finished and up on Amazon by September 2015.  I work a lot and have several other projects, so I am giving myself enough time to finish, hopefully a good product I can share with everyone.
  • My wife is an amazing artist and one of my goals this year is to setup an eCommerce website for her to list all her products.  We have been doing very well using other sites, and the blogger platform by Google, but it is time to take the next step.  It needs to be able to manage her inventory and allow customers and collectors to purchase her art online.  The site needs to incorporate her art and classes, but will provide us with one central location to manage all the products, which we are finding necessary as we continue to scale up.
  • Committing to a once a quarter email newsletter to Kellie’s list.  Sometimes customers let us know they missed an event or missed out on a specific painting.  I want to be get better at communicating the wonderful things Kellie is doing.
  • Simplifying is important and to that end, I want to work on my 707 Marketing site (already in progress) and this website to make the interfaces more simple.  I have been running both sites for a while now and I have heard a few folks ask me to make it easier to find information and posts.  I want to have a much simpler look and feel to both sites completed in 2015.  707 Marketing is first since that is my living and then Cagefreeology will be next since it is my passion, but more of a learning and sharing platform at this point than a profession.
  • Writing an online advertising eBook.  I have been working with several small businesses and the biggest question I receive is how to reach more customers.  Not all online advertising platforms are equal and even inside these platforms many options exist.  I want to try and get businesses information on how best to wade into the world of online advertising.  In some cases it is not very expensive to engage more customers in your area.  In other areas, it is very complex and competitive.
  • Reading 8 books for 2015.  Part of keeping healthy is continuing to read for your mental health.  I have already started my first book for 2015.  “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau” is my first book for the year.  Some of the books will be educational and some may just be for fun, but I want to tackle 8 books for 2015 at a minimum.
  • Keeping my spaces clean, neat and simple (minimal).  For me keeping my work space in the office or in the home clean and neat help me think better.  The way my brain works, clutter can distract me from my tasks, so keeping a neat work area is important to my focus.  I still love my moleskin notebooks and carry them just about everywhere.  Writing with a pencil and paper still seems to be the best way for me to capture ideas and thoughts, even with all the new phones and technology available.  Maybe it is just the art of writing, but I still love it.
  • Continue to be a good steward to our money, but not taking out debt, investing, giving, and saving for retirement.

There are my goals.  Long list, but a solid one to follow for the year.  Remember your goals can also change and that is okay.  Goals are meant to be guideposts to help us move forward and provide a clear vision of what we need to get done.  Companies have goals we need to hit and home should be no different.

Have a wonderful 2015!

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.”
– Woody Allen

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  • Virna January 8, 2015, 10:30 pm

    Found your blog via Miss Minimalist. Great contents! I am now a follower.

    • Larry Chasse January 9, 2015, 8:08 pm

      Thank you very much Virna, appreciate your kind comment.

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