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6 Reasons Why We Should All Be Preppers

Storm in Mississippi

My wife and I have been watching the National Geographic show about prepping.  We love the show and there is so much to learn about the topic.  The show both teaches, but makes you realize just how unprepared we are if something were to happen tomorrow.

Will the world end in the next couple years?  Probably not but there are still some very good reasons to be prepared.

  1. Ice Storms – We had a personal experience not all that long ago right here in Maine where my wife and I lost power for 10-12 days twice in a row due to an ice storm.  We did not have a wood stove at the time, but we had a kerosene heater thankfully.  Luckily the stores were still open and we were able to get out of the neighborhood.  Things would have been a lot easier if we had been more prepared however.
  2. Tornadoes – The Midwest gets hit hard by tornadoes every year.  Being ready when the power goes out due to power lines going down or roads being blocked by debris is just smart.  We ended up driving very close to a tornado in Mississippi in the late 90s and that cured us from wanting to be very near another one anytime soon.
  3. Hurricanes – We see them coming at least, but still having supplies stock piled in a safe location can be very important.  Having a bug out bag with supplies and cash can be very helpful when heading inland away from the storm’s path.
  4. Flash flooding – Roads can be washed out, power lines taken down, and you can be essentially trapped for a few days until local utilities and road crews are able to get things repaired.  By having extra food and supplies on hand we do not need to panic as the emergency crews work their way towards our roadways.
  5. Earthquake – Big ones are rare, but they can happen and without warning.  Our technology can record them and let folks know when they are happening, but we really have no warning yet today.
  6. Anything else mother nature or the world can throw at us – Whether disease, natural disaster, or some other catastrophe, we only benefit by being ready for an emergency.

Storm in MississippiFEMA makes the following suggestion:  “The rule of thumb for residents who are survivors of a disaster is that they should be prepared to take care of their family’s needs for the first 72 hours after a disaster strikes,” says Art Faulkner, director of Alabama’s Emergency Management Agency.  “It may take that long for responders to get to you.”

You can take prepping as far as you want, but I would use FEMA’s guideline as a minimally viable solution to keep your family safe in the event of an emergency.  Being prepared does not mean we think the world is coming to an end, it just means we are being smart about keeping our family safe no matter what happens.

Some good prepping resources:

  1. FEMA’s recommendations
  2. A lot of resource listed by Great Northern Prepper
  3. Bug Out Bag Essentials
  4. American Red Cross Preparedness Information

Being prepared is always a good thing.

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  • Alex G. October 7, 2014, 7:37 pm

    I used to work for FEMA during disasters- I was amazed how many people were clueless to being prepared even for 48hrs. I went to floods, ice storms, hurricane and tornado disasters. Water, water, & water- store some or be able to purify. There is always lots of debris- some dangerous- gloves & good shoes are a must.
    Flashlights and anything else a bonus. Protein bars is all you need to live on for a few days. Be aware of the weather and remember cars float -never drive through deep water.

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