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A Simple Life Means Solitude

Simple Living Means Solitude
Simple Living Means Solitude

Photo from artist Kellie Chasse

A simple life does a lot for us emotionally, physically and psychologically.  My wife went out to take some pictures the other day and she visited one of our local parks in town.  During the summer months you can see people all around the park, relaxing under the sun.  People who frequent the park may be reading, playing ball, listening to music, napping, and just spending time together.  It is amazing the great number of people who come to enjoy the natural resource we have available right in downtown Brunswick, Maine.

We live the simple life so we do not have to deal with jobs we do not enjoy getting up for each morning, or calls that happen in the middle of the family camping trip that derail a day of family activities for business reasons.  I love business and the fact it provides great jobs and opportunities for others, but I am not so naive to not understand most businesses are in it for more and more profit.  There is almost never a business owner who says, “yeah, this is enough profit and I am good with this”.  What does this mean?  Businesses are always pushing for more profit and less cost, which means if they can get 50-60 hours a week from workers and not have to increase payroll, they will.

The simple life prevents this from happening to you.  Now you can say no to working over that 40 hours if you want to and in many cases people are able to become self-employed and work even less.  If you love your job, it just helps you to limit the amount of times work can take advantage of your time.  An employer will almost always ask for more time and effort, but you having the ability to say no is key to keeping them in check and balancing that family and work life.  There are still weeks where we will put in 60 hours, but it is because we want to, not because we are afraid of not impressing the boss.  Loving your job vs. fearing losing your job.

By keeping life simple we are also able to reflect more.  When stress is low, we have the ability to keep our minds open to dream and think about other things.  My wife and I often sit and talk about the future and what we would like to do.  We never argue about money, because money is never an issue for us.  We are not rich by any means, but we do not have high expenses.

Debt is like having a garage full of stuff, but there is no room for the vehicles.  If your brain is always worried about keeping your job, how you will pay the next bill, and how you can best care for your family, not much time is left for reflection.  So see a simple life does mean solitude since you can now be alone with your thoughts, but also you can be in control of your thoughts.

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