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About Us

Living Your Life Cage Free?

Many of us live within the confines of a financial cage we build for ourselves.  We live in fear of losing our jobs, homes, cars, and essentially our lives.  Back in 2006 our family decided our high consumption lifestyle, (which was really not that bad and probably just average) was causing us too much stress.  When you do not have high bills and debt, you are more free to live the life you want.

I have built this site to provide ideas on how you can begin working to eliminate debt, save money, and live the life you always wanted.  To provide for a  high consumption lifestyle, then you are required to have a high income (offense), which can mean more stress and less time with your family.

By reading the articles and by having a good defense, we will try and help to remove the cage around your life.  When the cage is removed, you are able to live life the way you want and have no fear.  No fear of losing your job, no fear of not making enough to cover bills, and no fear of trying to follow your dreams.

The small print, well not really small print, but we need to say this stuff.  We are just regular folks like everyone else, so if you have specific legal or account needs, please see your financial adviser, legal adviser or CPA.  We just provide what we have done to be successful and your situation may be different.  All that being said, we are not liable for you situation and if you have any questions, please seek the help of a licensed professional in whatever area you need assistance in.

We also have some links on the site to materials or through advertisers to help us pay the bills.  If you find the information valuable on the site and want to click the links to make purchases thank you.