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Are you scared enough to become cage free?

bird escaping the cage

Whenever we are in trouble seems to be when we ask for help or begin to take action. How many times have you been so sick that you said, “Please God, get me through this and I will do xyz.”? Then once you are through the situation, what happens? Um…. Yeah….

I see people with debt do the same thing. When things at work get a bit scary, we begin to take a really good look at our family budgets. We find the extras we can remove right off the bat and then start thinking how badly we need to get rid of all the loans. As with all challenges in life, the layoff talks, new job came through, company got a new contract, and we do what? Yeah, you got it! Life is good, we do not really need to get our budget under control now, we are through with the job worries!

Funny thing is when you actually complete the task, there is a sense of peace that can never be matched. I will admit, we had a couple steps before we got really serious. Step 1 – My beautiful wife wanted to stay home with our son, so she worked hard to get our budget down to one income. It was not all that easy, since at the time my wife had a very good career. We got rid of the nice vehicles and made some serious changes in our lives.

Step 2 happened when as Dave Ramsey says “we were sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Watching your money go out each month for loans and payments can drive you nuts (it did me). We ripped through our debt, except for the house which is still taking some time. I enjoy some of my friends who live down south and only had to pay less than $100k for a modest 3 bedroom home sometimes.

Now, we did not have an emergency for step 2 to occur for us, but shortly after we finished paying off our debt, I was presented a job opportunity with a new start-up company. We would have never taken this position if we had a bunch of debt still. See I was working for a great company up here in Maine already and making this change meant taking on a certain amount of risk. What if the company only lasted a year? What if I did not do a good enough job? By having no debt, we were able to take the risk and I took the job.

It is easy to put off paying off debt so we can purchase that one more thing we want. If we take care of debt before that emergency happens, then guess what? It no longer becomes an emergency and instead is simply a change in your life or a small speed bump in the road. Remember when we did the math simply paying off about $1,200 in monthly payments? That small payoff meant your family is able to make over $22,000/year less (depending on your tax level).

Remember what you decide to do today, does affect your tomorrow.Are you scared enough to become cage free?

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