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Blackfriday Deals Look Out

blackfriday shopping online

Blackfriday deals may seem like a headline promoting getting out there to get that television for half price or the tablet for $100 off the retail price.

Blackfriday deals are meant to do one thing and one thing only, drive consumer behavior.  Marketers prey on our weakness as consumers.  We are suckers for great deals even if we do not “need” an item.

Seth Godin has a great article calling blackfriday a “media trap”.  I happen to agree and that is coming from someone who is in marketing.  Retail is not some evil word or something we should avoid.  Over consumption is the weakness we need to find the strength to avoid, especially during this time of the year.

Our walls come down this time of year, due to all the marketing hype, but also because of our hearts.  We love to give and make people happy.  Sometimes this means overextending ourselves and that is when it gets complicated.  Our friends and loved ones will love us no matter if we baked them cookies of purchased them a beach vacation.

The issue comes after the holidays are over and you sit down to look at your online statements.  What is found in those online statements is often a bit of a surprise.  The emotions and the marketing hype capture us and our money.

blackfriday deals - buyers remorse


If you are going to upgrade your television and blackfriday presents an amazing opportunity to do it at half the price, jump all over the opportunity.  Do not buy on blackfriday, just because the deals are too good to be true.

The holidays are meant to be a celebration with friends and family.  Do not get caught up in the hype and have buyers remorse.  We do not want to be paying for last year’s Christmas next October still.

Have a great week!

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