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Bookcase that stacks or a Wall?

It is a rainy day here in Maine, so I was looking for material online that may be useful to the Cage Free community.  I stumbled on a video about some bookcases that actually stack.  You can carry the pieces on their own, so you do not have to put up a massive wall bookcase that you need to nail/screw into the wall etc…  A few of the really cool things I liked about these boxes were:

  • When you take them down they have their own handles for carrying.
  • The boxes are made of plywood instead of that cheap stuff that if it gets wet is ruined.
  • You can make any pattern you want, so you if you wanted to put paintings on a certain part of the wall you could and then have the bookcase go around it.
  • If you watch the video below the ability to put a desk over a couple shelves is pretty cool.
  • You can make a wall if you wanted in a room.  Think of the possibilities if you wanted nice shelving to store collectibles.
  • Easy to setup.


We may actually look into these.  I love the concept and think of not having to empty the case to move items around in a room.  You can leave the books or items in the box and just pick it up to move it to a new location or if you are indeed moving.

Looking at their site, it appears they are still looking for a distribution partner.  Seems like a no brainer for someone like IKEA, Lowes or Home Depot to get in touch with.  The design seems simple enough to do your own version of the boxes as well if you have the tools.

Anything that makes life simpler is good in my book and these seem very helpful.  Nice job Kazam Design!  I expect you will be a household name in the US very soon.

To see more specifics on these, visit their site at:  http://brickbox.es/

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