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Budget Phone Plans that Don’t Break the Bank

Saving money with phone plans

Budget phone plans can give you peace of mind.

Cell PhoneYou sat down and did the family budget, going line item by line item.  One of the big family expenses that sticks out is the phone budget.  In some cases we have a home phone and we have several mobile phones.  In some cases we have texting and data plans with the phones as well.  The family plans can get very expensive, very quickly!

The mobile phone has become a peace of mind item most families are not necessarily willing to part with.  Our kids can go to their practice and call you in case something goes wrong and they cannot make it home.  If our sons or daughters need a ride or get hurt, they can call us and let us know immediately.  These are all great arguments for letting our kids have a cell phone handy.

The good news is we can still limit that line item in our family budget pertaining to the phone costs.  We looked for budget phone plans that could work for our family.  Below are some options for budget phone plans, with some being more savings oriented than others.  The plans depend greatly on your intensity towards saving vs. having the convenience of a mobile phone.

  1. Get rid of all the mobile phones in the house and get a single pay as you go mobile phone.  This is really the super saver option that allows you to have the peace of mind of owning a “family” mobile phone, but not having to pay for individual phone plans for each member of the family.  You can pay as little as $20/year for a phone and just allow family members who leave the home to take the mobile phone with them.
  2. Reduce the number of phones in the home to 1 or 2 phones.  Instead of having every member of the family own their own phone, have a sharing program.  If someone is leaving the home, they can grab the phone and go.  This allows a mobile phone to be available for family members who are leaving the home.
  3. Look at your plans.  This is a big one that can have immediate savings.  Are you paying for texting or data plans that are unnecessary?  Instead of using the phone as a constant contact source, consider it just an item to get in touch with people when you “need” to.  Sometimes just eliminating unlimited options and blocking texting can save a family big $$ in the family budget.
  4. Mix and match options 1 and 2 above.  If someone needs a phone for work or you just cannot go without a mobile phone, then consider having one pay as you go phone for other family members to share as necessary.  You can buy 2-3 of these types of phones and just have $20 or more in calls on each phone available for emergencies each year.

Budgeting so you may live simply is not easy and giving up consumptive lifestyle items can be an initial shock to the system.  Remember there was a day when people lived without mobile phones way back when.  The pay as you go mobile phones allow us to have the best of both worlds.

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