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Cut Calories, Lose Weight and Save Over $50,000 for Retirement!

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A funny thing happened about six months ago when my wife and I decided to take our health more seriously.  We did a lot of research and consulted with a nutrition professional to find out how many calories per day we should be eating.

We then began keeping a daily calorie budget to ensure we did not overspend on our eating.  What happened next was a pretty big surprise for us.  Friends and family know we keep a pretty good written budget of what we spend on any given month and we started noticing our food bill was decreasing significantly.  Not only had we lost several pounds, but we had saved money!

Yes, our grocery bill dropped by over $100 per month.  How does that correspond to $50,000 for retirement?  If you take that monthly money saved on food and were to invest the money in growth stock mutual funds, that same money over a 20 year period could be worth over $50,000.  I used $100 per month and an 8% return on the money annually to do my calculations, so it could be slightly better or worse, depending on how the market performs.

The main point is by cutting calories to lose weight, we also gained more financial freedom in our family budget.  We had also cut out more eating out and the actual savings for us was a bit over $100 per month.  The true savings we had was probably a little closer to $200 / month if you counted the extra eating out we did before getting serious about our health.

Do you every wonder if you saved all the money from your car payments or your weekly eating out, what it could make you over 10, 20, 30 years if you had invested it instead?  Here is the online calculator I used to calculated those things.  To find out just cutting your cell phone, car payment, or other expenses from your budget can do alone I just put $1 in the first line of the calculator.

Online investment calculator

After that, I generally use 8-10% doing my calculations.  Being conservative, I like using 8% and knowing the market has typically done better than that, but for me, it means I will be happily surprised by more money than by less.  🙂

Check out what saving money each month could do for your family’s future.  Remember you could put in numbers for a regular growth stock mutual fund outside retirement as well where you are saving for that home you always wanted or the vacation.  Put 5 years or 10 years in the box in those cases.

Side effects of cutting unnecessary costs, becoming healthy, and investing money may include:

  • Increased freedom to pursue life long dreams
  • The ability to go on a family vacation without taking on any debt
  • Provide the ability to semi-retire or retire earlier than expected
  • Make your family recession proof
  • Allow you to make the best decisions for your personal well being instead of what will pay the bills
  • Give you the ability to make money doing what you love

The list goes on, but you get the idea.  There are no negative side effects to having more money in your pocket that I can see.  Let me know if I missed one, but by saving money we give our family the freedom to not worry and live life to the fullest.

Have a wonderful day!

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