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Debt and the Future

New York City

The year is 2113.  The states, countries and citizens have all been in debt so long people have forgotten about true freedom.  The governments now answer to the corporations since there is no other source of money and governments never wanted to focus on budgeting money.

New York City

Citizens also answer to corporations since their relatives left them with enormous piles of debt and bankruptcy was outlawed in 2060 due to the number of people filing.  Governments changed regulations so family was liable to family debt, meaning upon death, children and siblings still owed for what you had in debt.  Today people work only to survive receiving a housing, clothing, and food allowance for time worked.  The homes are now corporate subsidized housing given only to its workforce.  Since bankruptcy became illegal, now if you try and claim bankruptcy you owe the company a specified number of hours of free labor in place of the debt.

If we were to be honest, that is not far from where we are today if you have a lot of debt.  What if you lost your job tomorrow?  Could you and your family make it until the next opportunity came along?

I am not a fan of politics, so I won’t go down that rabbit hole too far, but does anyone from any party these days believe government will ever learn how to control their spending?

Now, what if the simple living movement continues to catch on?  What if the family savings rate continues to climb?  People can change at least and we can decide not to go into debt to buy things we cannot afford.  If all the people start living this way, then governments will follow.

100 years from now looks a lot different if our families are not trying to pay off past debt.  Debt freedom allows us to love our jobs and enjoy our lives.  It is okay to work 80 hours of our 160 hour week if you love what you are doing.

Let us take the stand that changes the future.


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