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Decluttering Your Stuff – Become Free

snowshoeing in maine

Decluttering your stuff (home) can be a very freeing exercise to go through.  We never realize just how much stuff we have, that never gets touched.  I ran into this video today by George Carlin from back in the 80s.  He was a comedian when I was a kid and although some of his language was not quite age appropriate, he made a very good point about stuff.

I share that, because he really gets to the point of having too much stuff and how we become attached to our stuff.  Several issues come up when you get too much stuff.snowshoeing in maine

  1. All that stuff requires money to buy, so you are not able to save or spend on other activities.
  2. If you want more stuff you need to make more money, therefore you are almost forced to work longer, harder and in potentially a job you do not love.
  3. All stuff takes time.  You either need to clean it, move it, use it, or later organize and sell it when you replace it with something else.  We enjoy our time together as a family doing things such as snowshoeing during the winter months here in Maine.  I don’t want to be cleaning out the garage on my weekends.
  4. All stuff costs more money than what you paid for it.  It takes up room, which costs money (ever see how big the storage business is).  The average size of an American home is now 2,500 square feet and it used to be 900, but families are smaller.

I love stuff just like the next person, but when we downsized to 900 square feet it forced us to make choices.  We forced the decision on what was important enough to store in 900 square feet of space.  If we let our stuff dictate how big a home we had, we would still have over 2,000 square feet of space.  Why?  To store all our stuff.

I admire the people who live in tiny houses, because they are even father ahead of myself in their ability to let go of stuff.  We all need some stuff and certain things make us very happy.  The key is to identify the important stuff we use very often and eliminate the items we rarely or never use.


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