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Do not forego your physical well-being while working hard on your goals

The road ahead

Minimalism does not mean leaving our physical well-being behind.

Since about age 30, it has been difficult for me to stay in peak physical condition. By peak physical condition I mean my own optimal physical well-being. During my years in the Navy, I would spend 1-2 hours every day doing some form of exercise to stay in shape.

After the military it was easy to let fitness take a sideline to other activities, such as work, television, movies, work (yes I meant to say that twice since I spend most of my week working), and other activities. This formula is not acceptable and continuing down this road could potentially mean a shorter and less fulfilling life overall. Just what we try and avoid by simplifying our lives.

We work hard to eliminate debt, simplify our homes and lives, so we have less stress and more time. My wife and I have worked really hard to have that financial freedom we have always dreamed of. As Dave Ramsey always says, “we lived like nobody else, so one day we can live like nobody else.” The only financial hurdle we have left is to pay off our home, which is about 4-5 years out at our current rate. If we find a nice piece of land and sell the home to cash flow a nice smaller home, it could be far less (fingers crossed).

We have tried to get back into exercising many times over the years since we moved back to Maine. This year feels different and I honestly believe it is because of all our effort with budgeting, simplicity and reducing stress. We are approaching this like we did our other goals. Fitness is not something that is an option, but part of living a simpler and healthier life. Fitness helps you get more time, just like financial fitness, and minimalist fitness does for you and your family.

Fitness also helps reduce stress, since you sweat out every bit of anxiety you may have had during the day. I once heard a saying that “Exercise is easy, I have started at least 20 times.” The time has come to start and stick with it. I would never again use a credit card or take out a car loan, so why would I ever neglect my physical well-being again?

Do not neglect your physical well-being while working so hard on the other aspects of your life.

Here is to a 2013 with financial, simplicity, knowledge and physical fitness.

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