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Earth Day – Trash Pickup Contest

Recycle - Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and to help celebrate, Kellie and I want to have a small contest for the followers of this blog and her art enthusiasts.

We went out for our morning walk today and brought a shopping bag we save for recycling.  Only 1 mile into our walk we had collected a full bag of trash shown below.

Street Trash

Seeing all the trash on the road makes me feel bad usually and we always talk about it and most times admittedly forget our bag to pick up the trash on our walks.

We can all make a difference in our neighborhoods.  It is simple and not a bad way to get in some exercise as well.  Bring a bag and pick up some trash on your walk.

I posted this video the other day by a well known rapper artist who was saying sorry for the environmental issues we are leaving behind for generations to come.  Near the end of the video he says he is not sorry, but he is going to do what he can do.  This is a great step for anyone to do.

As a special Earth Day challenge we are going to give away a free print to someone who posts or sends us a picture of the trash you picked up on your walk.  Here are the rules, they are very simple.

  • You must pick up trash around your neighborhood and take a picture of what you picked up.
  • The picture can either be emailed to us or you can post on the Cagefreeology facebook page or in the comments below to be entered.
  • If you do not use one of these ways, we cannot enter you for the random drawing, because we need to be able to contact the winner.  🙂
  • We will give you until Sunday, April 26, 2015 by mid-night in your time zone.
  • The contest is only available in the United States since we have to ship this at our cost to someone and overseas can sometimes be very expensive.
  • The print will be an 8×10 matted print of Kellie’s choice.
  • There is no minimum amount of trash to pick up, so you can post an image of a single piece of trash if you want and we will enter you.  We just want everyone to help clean up their neighborhoods and give you an opportunity to win a free print for doing it.

The winner of the print will be notified by April 30, 2015.

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