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Effective use of small spaces in your home

small outdoor space

Small spaces do not mean we have to sacrifice what we love.  I sometimes spend time in Pinterest taking a look at different ways people are decorating their spaces.  Recently I began to pin some of the spaces I thought were really nice.  Check out my Simple Living board and follow the board for updates.

We are moving from an 1,800+ square foot home into a 900 square foot home pretty soon.  One of the benefits of having a smaller home is we can spend money on nicer spaces.  My wife and I both still want spaces where we can go sit in relative peace and tranquility to reflect or meditate.

Living simply is not to be confused with living without or cheaply.  You can still have very nice things, but you keep the clutter out of your life.  The kitchen below is a great example where you can see the granite counter top and the wooden cabinetry.  They did not go cheap, they just went small and clutter free.

small kitchen design

small kitchen

The same can be done with outdoor spaces.  Outdoor spaces may be small, but with the right landscaping your yard can become your great room.  The space below looks very comfortable and inviting as an outdoor room.

small outdoor space

small outdoor space

The important thing to remember with small spaces is to create something special that you will enjoy.  Small spaces in your home can become sanctuaries where you rest and unwind.

Have a wonderful and cagefree day!


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