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Financial Freedom is Hard Word

Brunswick, Maine Home For Sale

So how bad do you really want to be free?  Financial freedom is anything but free.

I struggle with this constantly.  Why?  Easy, because I still fight with the wanting of nice things, including my home, yard, and things.

Our family wants to be debt free very badly right now and we are making changes to accomplish our goal.  We have already paid off every credit card, car loan, etc…  We are now just left with a mortgage to pay off before we achieve the ultimate freedom.

The house is expensive, because we wanted to be in a great neighborhood (arguably one of the best in town).  Great neighborhoods and square footage both come at a price.  Our home is about average in size, but it is bigger than we need.

For months now we have been scouring the real estate market trying to find that “perfect” gem of a home, which will help us become debt free.  We have made several offers along the way and lost every single one of them so far.

We should be down and distraught right?  No way!  Our number one goal is to be debt free and that family goal drives us all to push through those times we feel like the goal is too far away.

Oddly enough it is not just regular folks like us wanting to make the change to a simpler lifestyle, but even some famous names have done it.  Tom Shadyak did a great interview with the Huffington Post.  He moved from a posh mansion to a 1,000 square foot trailer.

Your goals may be recession proofing your family or giving back to the world around you.  Either way, living simply provides the freedom to make your own choices.

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