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Happiness in the Simple Things

Jo-Mary Mountain, Maine

Happiness Comes From The Simple Things In Life

I was sitting back and thinking about what makes me really happy.  You know those days where you think about your life and this euphoria comes over you?  I have yet to get that euphoria because of “stuff” we have purchased.  The euphoria always comes when the family is out together or some great thing happens in one of our friends or families lives.

As a family, we really enjoy going camping during the spring, summer, and fall months in northern Maine.  When I am sitting at camp, which by the way has no power.  Being in the middle of the Maine woods, means the nigh sky is very brightly lit by stars.  Being away from town makes the night sky so beautiful.

Jo-Mary Mountain, Maine

Jo-Mary Mountain, Maine

It is easy to immerse yourself in the smells, sounds, colors and beauty when you are not plugged in.  Remember the world around us is nature and the beauty she holds, not the man made distractions such as television, radio, computers, etc… that we have created.  Do not get me wrong, I very much enjoy the distractions as well, we just need a balance.

I love a great movie, television show, my computer, art, a play, going to a restaurant, etc…  Getting back to the simplicity and beauty of nature helps keep us grounded and appreciative of the world around us.  We are lucky to have some trails right by our neighborhood and you can go out and listen to the brook running, leaves falling, birds singing, and the other wild life all around you.  In the winter it is so peaceful when I go out with snowshoes to get some fresh air and exercise.

Whether it is in your own backyard or if you look around for local parks, trails, and getaways; take a moment for yourself and treat yourself to the natural beauty around us.  We are so lucky to be a part of this world.

There is happiness in the simple things.

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