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Happiness and Simplicity

bird escaping the cage

As the years pass one life lesson has begun to really stand out.  The simpler we make our lives, the happier we will be.  When I was younger, my goal was to get the new car, fancy toys, big house, big job, and other more material aspects of life.  What you soon learn is the line for enough keeps moving higher and higher.  If you work for a company then understanding how the line is always moving is easy.  If you work 40 hours a week, 45 will be expected.  If you put in 50, then 55 will be expected.  The line moves constantly as expectations are a constant target.  There is no good enough in work, but at home you can have a good enough.

I want to say my age where the light bulb came on was around 38 years old.  We had made changes before that time to eliminate some debt and get our family finances under control.  We had no fancy cars or anything like that, but I was still putting in very long hours at the office and pushing for more in several other areas of my life.  Working hard is still something we do as a family, but after giving the office our all we make sure and work on the things important for our family.

Money and things mean less now, but our family happiness is higher than ever.  There are some great blogs and books available, which have given me great motivation as well as direction for happiness and simplicity.  Some of the people who influence me and give me motivation from afar are:

  1. Dave Ramsey – http://www.daveramsey.com
  2. Dan Miller – http://www.48days.net/
  3. Becoming Minimlalist – http://www.becomingminimalist.com
  4. 365 Less Things – http://www.365lessthings.com
  5. Miss Minimalist – http://www.missminimalist.com
  6. Minimal Student – http://www.minimalstudent.com/

Those are a few of the sites I have been reading to learn more about less.  When you can learn to give up on having more and more, then happiness is much easier to achieve.  Simplicity really does provide the pathway to a happier life, more money, and allows you to be cage free.

Letting go of always “wanting” is the key.

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