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Happy Earth Day

Wolf's Neck Farm - Maine

Happy Earth Day to everyone.  Today is a day we take to celebrate that which is most dear to all of us.  The world we live in and sustains all that is near and dear to our hearts.

Today is especially important to me, because it is my wife’s birthday as well.  In Maine it is the start of Spring in many ways.  We planted some bushes and trees last week in our new home.  Today is a great day to find a park bench somewhere and just look at the beauty that surrounds us.

Simple Living Means Solitude

Image was taken by artist Kellie Chasse – http://kelliesartblog.blogspot.com/

Since it is still the beginning of the week, it also provides us with some grounding on what is really important.  I know personally it gets tough with pressures from work sometimes.  Sitting back and taking in nature and meditating on what is really important helps to put our challenges into perspective.

Work is great and our stresses are real, but life is about what we love, our experiences and enjoying the world around us.  Money and things are not what make us happy at the end of the day.

When was the last time you took a deep breath after feeling that euphoric feeling?  When I sit outside with my family, a glass of wine, looking at the birds and the trees it happens for me.

Take some time to reflect today and meditate about what you love.  Give thanks to the world around us and Happy Earth Day to you all.










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