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How Do You Define Simplicity?

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What is simplicity all about?

When Kellie and I first began our journey into simplicity, we had no idea how to define simplicity with regard to our family.  We did not even consider it simplicity, minimalism, or any of the other terms you see flying around on the web.

We had a family goal in mind, so Kellie could be at home with our son.  Once we began the journey, we learned about several things including people such as Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, and others who teach you how to improve your life through work, and life changes.

Our goals were modified the more we learned and the more we progressed.  As a marketing professional, testing is an integral part of my life.  Testing spills over into life elements as well, since we dip our toes in the water with changes to see how they affect us.

If a change is positive you tend to want to see more, so throughout our journey we have tested and then made changes based on the results our family sees.  Reducing finances reduced the family’s stress.  Changing jobs, reduced family stress and enhanced our lives.

Kellie got to work on her dream of becoming an artist as a living, instead of a hobby.  She has now grown a great business where she paints and provides art to people all over the world.  She has sold art all over the world, to neighbors, and even movie stars (she keeps them anonymous to respect their privacy).

I say all this, because simplicity has a lot of components available for us to explore from financial, personal, professional, physical, mental, etc…  What you chose to work on is what simplicity should mean to you.  Begin with your family’s main goal.  Our main goal was for Kellie to be a stay at home mom.

The journey to where you end up will depend on your family.  To some simplicity may be having a 3,000 square foot home, but being debt free, only working 50 hours/week, hitting the gym 3-5 days a week, and spending the rest of the time with your family.  Some people will live in 90 square foot homes and have only 33 articles of clothing.
Simplicity is defined by you.

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