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How To Save Money On Coffee!

Morning Coffee

How can you save hundreds of dollars by brewing your own coffee?

We love our coffee in the mornings.  Morning coffee is a time when we get together, talk, enjoy some music and get ready for the day ahead.  Just about every morning since we have been married (almost 20 years), this has been our ritual.

Over the years we have made our coffees several different ways.  Below are some of the most popular ways we have made coffee.

  • K-Cups
  • Coffee maker (drip)
  • Store bought already made
  • French press
  • Percolator coffee
  • Instant coffee

All coffee is not made the same and all coffee is not priced the same either.  Every one of these brewing methods has advantages and disadvantages.

Morning Coffee

We have been using the french press now for a couple of years, not just because of cost, but also the flavor.  Here is our experience with the various ways to make coffee over the years.


We would try and find special deals on the coffees for this coffee maker, which could help keep the costs down.  The typical cost of coffee is about $15 for a 24 count box.  You can sometimes find them cheaper with sales.  The coffee maker costs around $100 and they seem to break every couple years (sometimes sooner).  The biggest advantage is time, since you just put the cup in and press a button generally if the water is full or you have one connected to your water.  Coffee costs about $0.42 – $0.63/cup of coffee.

Annual cost of 2 people with one cup per day can average ~$383/Year

Coffee Maker (Drip) and Percolator:

Probably the most common type of coffee maker around.  The coffee makers seem to last forever and you have a large selection of coffees to chose from.  The only expense other than the coffee is the filters.  For about $7.99 – $12.99 you can get a bag of coffee.   The costs is much cheaper than K-Cups, but you usually make a full pot of coffee and it takes a bit more effort and time.  The coffee also stays hot with the heating element for your second cup.  Coffee costs about $0.13 – $0.22 per cup.

Annual cost of 2 people with one cup per day can average ~$127/Year

French Press:

Similar to some of the other coffee makers, the french press uses the grounds you get in bagged coffees.  In a 1 pound bag of coffee you get approximately 64 cups of coffee with a french press. The biggest benefit is the coffee maker is cheap and has no parts that can break.  You can bring it anywhere you can heat water up and you have full control over the time for the perfect cup of coffee.  The downside is it takes time and does not keep the extra coffee warm after being brewed.  Coffee costs about $0.13 – $0.22 per cup.

Annual cost of 2 people with one cup per day can average ~$127/Year

Instant Coffee:

Instant coffee is sure to get some scowls, however this list would not be complete without the fast and cheap option.    I actually enjoy instant coffee and you can spice it up with a dash of cinnamon or another spice if you like.  The benefit is it is fast and cheap to have a cup of coffee.  The coffee is not as good as french press or others however.  Coffee costs about $0.10 per cup.

Annual cost of 2 people with one cup per day can average ~$73/Year

Store Bought Coffee:

The costs have a huge range for store bought depending on where you go.   The biggest benefit is someone else did all the work for you, so just sit back and enjoy.  The downside is the large cost if you love your coffee every day like we do.  Coffee costs about $0.99 – $3.99 per cup.

Annual cost of 2 people with one cup per day can average ~$1,817/Year

Each one of these can be impacted by coupons or sale prices, but these are typical ranges we see when shopping.  If you are like me and one cup is just not enough, then you can double the costs you see here, which makes an even bigger impact on your selection.

We do a mix of french press and instant coffee, with some store bought if we are on the road for work or vacation.

As we were having our cup of coffee this morning, Kellie mentioned to me that sometimes people get overwhelmed with having to make changes to become debt free, but seeing something like this shows you even making one simple change can have a big impact on your budget.

Remember, just take small steps forward.  Eventually you will be where you want to be with your budget.  Looking at all the changes you need to make at first can see over whelming and cause you to stop.  Small changes keep us moving forward towards our goal.

Have an amazing cage free day!

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