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Jobs fill your pocket – Adventures fill your soul

Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul. – Jaime Lyn Beatty

Having a great job is amazing and most of us are lucky according to the unemployment data.  Only about 7-8% of us do not have work, who want to be working.  Of course we have seen other surveys with numbers reaching 60% of higher of people who are unhappy with their current jobs.

The secret is if you live simply, you do not need to make as much money and have the freedom to chose your job.  You can still make a lot of money if you want, but you can do it working in a field you enjoy.

The beauty of being debt free and living on less than you make is having choices.  I heard another saying a few year back that went along the lines of we work to live, not live to work.

My wife and I take trips each year and we try and go places we have not gone before.  There are always those special places you enjoy frequenting, but we try and do some exploring as well.

We are currently saving for a trip overseas.  We would like to either go to Greece or to Peru in the next 2-3 years if possible.  I was fortunate enough to visit both places when I was in the Navy, but I would love to take my wife.  Besides, it is different when you go to a place for work vs. going for pure enjoyment.

Money is nice (don’t get me wrong), but our adventures last a lifetime.  The stories we tell by the fires at night are not of how much money or how many hours we worked in a given week.  We tell stories of adventures!  Where we went and what we saw.  Adventures are amazing and fun.

Adventures fill your soul, because they become part of us and our personal history.  Work is just work and we can enjoy our jobs and the people we get to work with, but let’s be honest, they are not adventures.

In Maine, we have a site someone created called Maine Trail Finder and it shows the trails available all over the state.  If you are on a budget, those local trails can be really fun adventures for the family.  We did not realize some of the amazing local trails right by our own house until we found them on the site.

Just remember, life is short and although work is important, the things we do outside work are even more important for our souls.  Take time for yourself and take an adventure, whether it is local or somewhere far away.

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