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Taking that last step – Simple Living

simple life together

A family’s 10 year journey to simple living and a cage-free mindset.

We have been on a family journey to simplify our lives over the past 10 years in one way or another. First it was so we could support our family on one income and allow one of us to be home with our son.

Fast forward 5-6 years later, we started listening to someone named Dave Ramsey. He had some great folks on the radio show who talked about the freedom of being 100% debt free and we began to drink the Kool-Aid.

Oddly enough, when you look at all the averages with credit cards, car payments, student loans, etc… we matched the debt persona spot on. By starting with the smallest debt and moving forward we were able to eliminate all of our debt (except the house).

All this was not over night and took some serious self discipline by our whole family. Making lunches, giving up nice new cars, cable, and many other extras we did not necessarily need.

We now had every piece of the puzzle completed except for the house debt. We have several dreams including having a nice gallery for Kellie’s art one day, business ideas, trips, and life experiences we want to have.

We held our nose and pulled the trigger on a new home. The new home is a smaller home with only 900 square feet (the average in the 1950s for a family). We gave up the 2,000 square foot home with 4 bedrooms in a great neighborhood.

We love our new home, but what is stressful is trying to sell your home. The markets have improved in some areas, but not in our area unfortunately. We know at the end of the day, the Lord will lead us down the right path and things will come together.

My lesson until then is patience. You work hard and do what you need to, but we still need to be patient when it comes to the plan God has for us. The right buyer will come along who needs the house we are selling. Until then, we have taken a huge step towards our final goal.

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