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Life Lessons From Monty Python – Seriously!

Can we take life lessons from Monty Python?

The simple answer is yes we can.  Just a fun post today about how even in Monty Python movies we can find bits of wisdom for our lives.

No matter what life throws at you, remember you are strong enough to beat it.  Sometimes we just need the inner will and determination to get through a situation.

Monty Python Knight

Once and a while, it is important to run from a situation or from people.  Not every situation is winnable (such as a toxic work environment) or people not worth being around (negativity).  Knowing when a situation is not going to change and we are the only change that can happen is useful.

Monty Python Run Away

It can actually be quite important to pay attention in school, even with obscure facts.  You never know when they may be useful.

We can get by on surprisingly little.  Don’t have a horse, use some coconuts instead.  We do not need the latest gadgets, the newest cars or phones to get things done and live our life happily.  Sometimes just some coconuts can get us by, even if you are the king.

Monty Python Coconut Horses

Never judge a book by its cover.  Sometimes the most meek looking individuals posses an amazing inner strength.  Even when you look in the mirror, remember you are strong and you can accomplish great things when you set your mind to it.  Even a small fuzzy bunny rabbit can get it done when necessary.

Monty Python Bunny Rabbit

Question everything.  Just because people say something is correct, does not mean it is true.

Just a fun post today with some food for thought.  Living a simpler life provides us with a lot more freedom to question and pursue our dreams.

Have a wonderful day!


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