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Living simply – Does Less Mean More?

Less is More

Graham Hill has been very successful teaching and providing information/services to those who are wanting to live life simpler.  Living life more simply has a lot of benefits besides the obvious benefits to your own well being.  If you do not live a high consumption lifestyle then you also do not contribute massive amounts of waste to our already full landfills.

Here is a video from Mr. Hill’s talk at the Ted Conference.  I love the way he thinks about how less stuff means more happiness.  I believe there is a happy medium in there, but you definitely swing the pendulum in the wrong direction if you put yourself into debt to get all the toys you want.

If you are not consuming heavily, you also are not wasting precious resources our planet has in limited supply.  We become good stewards to the environment and to future generations by not wasting these limited natural resources.

Why is overconsumption bad for living a cage free life style?

  1. The biggest reason for divorce is money problems.
  2. Most people who “have” to work find difficulty balancing work and life.
  3. The less stuff you have the less you need to work and maintain your “stuff”.

The solution is not quite as easy as you would hope.  It means changing your lifestyle to be geared more towards accumulating wealth rather than spending every dime you earn on debt and unnecessary items.

The balance as I mentioned above is to make sure you purchase your excess (items you want rather than need) with cash you have saved.  Making sure you do not go into any debt or dig into your emergency fund will make your purchases a stress free event.  It also means you can enjoy them even if life changes direction on you (job loss).  Remember to ask yourself if your purchase is going to be a purchase you will use a lot as well.  There is peace in having few possessions, so throw out the ones you do not use and do not purchase those, which you question how much they will be used.

Could you change your consumption habits if it meant you would have more freedom?  Remember that living a low consumption lifestyle does not mean going without.  It just means buying only things we really want and only with cash we have saved.

Remember living a cage free life, means if Murphy knocks at the door, you do not need to worry.

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