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Making A Difference In The World

Uganda Village

I wanted to do a quick post about making a difference in the world.  I was in the Navy for 9 years and got to see many parts of the world most never get to see.  In some cases you see things that change your perspective on life along with your expectations.  In Europe I saw folks living much more simply that we do here in the United States with smaller cars, much smaller homes, working fewer hours, and just a simpler approach to expenses and wants overall.

The big moment for me was when we went down to South America and to some of the countries and poorer areas.  A small group of us would walk around often going away from the high priced tourist areas to see some of the countryside.  It was very humbling to see what others live in and have.  It pulled at your heart strings to see people living with so very little and it made me feel guilty for ever complaining about what I had for diner one night or the fact I may have missed a big game on the television.

We live in a world driven by profits and greed on one end and on the other end there are people who are just trying to live and get by.  Look on the web at places like Sudan and others to see how folks live and what they struggle with every day.  We have so much to be thankful for and may times we forget that.  Life is beautiful and we are very lucky to have enough to even be talking about simplifying our lives.

We get to take a step back and simplify by choice to enhance our lives.  Many people are living much more simply and just getting by (barely in many cases).  Remember that simplifying helps us to rid ourselves of expenses, which in turn gives us more money for the things we enjoy.  Please remember those who are struggling and one important aspect of living debt free is to give.  Making a difference in the world is as simple as giving of your time and/or financial resources.  If you do not have the money, volunteer at your local food shelter or children’s program.  Help others who need help and you will appreciate your life that much more.

Making a difference in the world helps us to appreciate our own lives and provides us with more joy than we can get by just doing for ourselves.  Being selfless and giving of your time and/or money are important to showing appreciation for the life we have.

Even small things during the day can make a big difference.  Hold the door for someone, help someone with a heavy item instead of watching, there are so many ways to help others.  Give of yourself and you will be rewarded with the joy of helping, which is irreplaceable.

There are several places you can give such as the red cross.  Please make sure you look into these charities closely as some are not as noble as you would expect them to be.  That is also why it is a good idea to look for local charities as well, where you can help others in your own neighborhood who may be down on their luck.

We are lucky to be able to chose to simplify, others are not as fortunate.  On your journey, just remember to give back.  Have a wonderful cage free life.


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