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Memento Mori – Latin for Remember You Will Die

Living In Maine

Memento Mori – Latin for “remember you will die” may seem like a bit of a morbid topic for a nice weekend.

Life is limited and we have no idea when we may be taken.  No matter what you believe in our bodies will stop functioning at some point.  What that means is we need to enjoy our lives and live them to the fullest while we are here.

What we do with our lives is very important.  First and foremost we must be happy with our lives, which means enjoying every aspect of your life possible.

  • Family time – Enjoying the time you get to spend with your family is the most important thing many of us can do.  If you chose to be with someone or brought children into this world, they should be your focus.
  • Friends – Our friends help us get through tough times and help us celebrate wonderful times.  Cherish your friendships and remember to spend time with people who make you smile.
  • Work – Even work has its place in our lives.  We must do a job we enjoy if at all possible, but remember that family and friends do come first.  Work is a way to make a living, which allows us to enjoy the other aspects of our lives.

I do not want to dismiss work, because it does enhance other areas of our lives.  I had a friend who recently made a post on Facebook about how to be good at something.

Time Spent + Effort = Success  

The issue with the formula is there are limits to the variable “Time Spent”.  Everyone has 168 hours in any given week.  If you are a healthy sleeper, that means you have about 112 hours left after sleeping all week for everything else.

We cannot have great success at everything, so if you are a work-a-holic then you will not be good to your friends and family.  Your boss will love your effort, but that is about it.

Where is this going?  Glad you asked.  Sometimes we spend so much money and get so much debt we have no choice in what our “Time Spent” variable is.  We have to work 60+ hours per week just to keep up with the debt and payments.

Living In Maine

Being debt free gives you freedom to change the time spent variable any way you want to.  We still need a way of making money, but if you have no payments and a low cost of living you can work a lot less than someone who is funding a large home, new cars, etc…

Memento Mori – Where do you want your “Success”?

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