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Our morning routine of coffee and time together

Morning Coffee

Do you have a morning routine?

Every morning Kellie and I sit down and have our coffee together. I know coffee is not the healthiest thing in the world, but I love and appreciate my 1-2 cups each morning. Weekday mornings I will just have one cup, but on the weekends, sometimes I have 2.

We love our morning ritual together and if either of us are travelling, sick, or need to be somewhere ultra early in the morning, we miss our morning ritual. What do we get out of our morning coffee together?

  1. Quiet time together.
  2. No interruptions, no electronics
  3. Focused attention

The quiet time together provides a great opportunity to share and dream together before the day becomes hectic and dictated by other distractions and requirements.

Do you have a morning routine, which makes the day begin right? I have several friends who take the quiet time in the morning to do some yoga, run, read, or write. My perfect mornings begin with a workout and then time with my wife before work.

The mornings set the tone for the day and how you begin makes all the difference in the world. You have heard the old saying “got up on the wrong side of the bed”. A good morning routine is the key to making sure that does not happen.

A couple quick rules for this morning routine in order to make sure you get the most from your mornings.

  1. Keep electronic devices off (unless you are writing, then keep email and other distractions off).
  2. Focus on the activity alone. Distractions keep you from your focused time.
  3. Make your activity a routine. A morning routine prevents the “wrong side of the bed syndrome”.

By the way I am writing this in the morning, testing if I can add writing to my own morning routine. See what works and always be testing.

Have a Cage Free day!


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