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No Vacation Necessary – Building Your Dream Life

small house maine

What if you could build a life with “No Vacation Necessary” was your mantra?  Does this sound like your dream life?

Of course everyone would say yes to this, but few are willing to do what it takes to get there.  How can anyone get to the point where their life is good enough to not require a vacation from it?  It is 100% possible to live your life so no vacation is necessary and people do this every day who are not wealthy.

You do not have to win the lottery, inherit thousands of dollars or be filthy rich to live a wonderful life.  We do need to temper expectations vs. the social norms that society has today however.  If we have a lot of debt and high payments each month, then we also need a lot of money coming in to keep up with those payments.  Toys cost a lot of money and the more toys we have (cell phones, cars, large homes, garages, data plans, cable, specialty channels, big vacations, expensive clothing, the latest technology, etc…) the less time we will have to enjoy them.

This morning, my wife and I watched “TINY: A Story About Living Small” the documentary and one of the quotes during the show was how someone’s grandfather said the easiest way to double your money is to fold it up and put it back in your pocket.  I loved that saying and it is true.

We do not need to make millions of dollars to enjoy a meaningful and happy life, we just need to break away from our addictive spending habits.  The consumption lifestyle requires we work a lot of hours to pay off debt and loans.

No vacation necessary does not mean we have all the wants and desires, it means we have the freedom to enjoy life itself.  Some people have turned to living smaller in order to save money.  Our biggest expense by far is our home, which provides us with the largest opportunity for cost savings.

Below are a couple videos of the tiny houses that are possible.  I love the tiny houses, although Kellie and I live small not tiny.  We did downsize from our 2,000 square foot home and over $200,000 mortgage to a 900 square foot home and $0 mortgage home.

Here is another video.  You can see a lot of small home videos on YouTube and Vimeo.  If anything, they serve as inspiration as you work to simplify your own life.  I love watching these even though we would probably not move into a space quite this small.  You still receive a lot of great information on how to maximize space and make small spaces comfortable.

If you had no debt, would you need to take a vacation to unwind all the time?  Would you need your 3 weeks vacation a year to relax?  We are now just over a year into our 100% debt free living.

Vacations now are for visiting family or seeing new locations.  During the week we have days where we work really hard from 8-10PM at night, but we also have days where we don’t start until 10AM and we are finished by 2PM, with a 1-2 hour lunch in there.  🙂

We no longer need a huge sum of money to pay our bills, which provided us with the freedom to work a little less if we wanted to.  We still work very hard sometimes, because you do need to save for retirement and we do have a dream of having a small home up north during the summer months and living south in the winter when it gets cold.

The house below was one we purchased at an extremely cheap price, but we had work to do for the home to be what we wanted it to be.  By doing a lot of work ourselves and finding good contractors for things we could not do, we saved a lot of money and created a wonderful home, which allowed us to work for ourselves and be debt free.

small house maine

How badly do you want to live your life without needing a vacation?  Are you willing to take steps to become debt free?  Are you willing to give up all the typical loans almost every family has?

Giving these things up, does not mean living any less happy than someone else.  Remember the people with the expensive cars, homes and loans are spending most of their day in a stressful work environment.  You can be out hiking, kayaking, or just sitting on your porch most of the day when you become debt free.

We still work, just not as much and with less stress then before.

Be humble, be grateful, be thankful.  Live intentional and live cage free.

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