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One Brick at a Time

I am having difficulty remembering where the phrase first had an impact on my life, but somewhere along the way it stuck.

Sometimes looking at all the problems or tasks we need to complete can seem overwhelming and even impossible.

The best example I have is our debt free journey.  We began our journey with everything that the current average family has for debt including credit cards, student loans, home loans, vehicle loans, equity loan, etc…  Becoming debt free was a new concept for us at the time.

Thinking of all the debt and looking at our monthly budget, it was almost overwhelming at the time.  Our first goal was to be able to have Kellie stay home with Camden, so we began there.

We created our budget and then did exactly what Dave Ramsey says to do, tackle the lowest bill first and begin to snowball your budget.  We also downsized our vehicles to very inexpensive cars that worked.

Each step of our journey was a single step at a time and we saw progress.  Debt is a lot like losing weight, there is no quick win.  It is hard work and dedication that will win in the end.

It was over 7 years before we got to the point where selling our home became an option for us to finally be 100% debt free.

Good things take time, discipline and patience.  Anyone who tries to tell you something is easy (making money, getting out of debt, losing weight, etc…) is just trying to make money.  All these things take time and effort.

Just focus on one brick at a time.


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