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Peace or Power, Chose One.

Can you have both peace and power?


I have been thinking about this one for a while, because being in a corporate environment for many years, you gain the respect of colleagues and people look up to you for advice and counsel daily.

After being a freelancer for a year now, I have been given a level of peace my life has never had.  We learned to love what we had instead of what we did not have and stop comparing ourselves to people who we believed were successful in life.

This morning, I took time to go through my closet and clean out all the clothing not being utilized.  A couple of the minimalism bloggers who write inspired me to clean up even more (Be More with Less and miss minimalist).

We had put money aside in our emergency fund to finance my change in profession from the corporate world to freelancing for several companies.  If work was difficult to come by, that money was going to help the transition or be my gauge for going to work for another company.

Fortunately, we never needed to touch that money and we were able to grow our personal businesses, which allowed us to still take our vacations, save for retirement and all the things we typically do.

However, now I only need a few pairs of nice dress cloths for when meetings happen or business trips to client locations.  When working from home, all we need is jeans and t-shirts primarily.  This meant I could clean my closet out and keep only 2 sports coats, some dress shirts and pants.

I was only able to spend the time cleaning out my closet on a Monday morning, because I work for myself and we only need so many hours of work a week to provide for our family.  We have a level of freedom (peace) we have never had by living the corporate lifestyle.

On Sundays I am no longer worried about getting reports ready for my Monday morning meetings and I am not stressing to get board presentations ready for midnight sends to the investors.  I sleep so much better and am at peace.  The stress is very low compared to what it used to be.

On the other hand, I do not have a team of people who work for me anymore, nor do I have executive level respect for decisions and actions like I had previously.

Oddly enough by having so many clients I get more “thank yous” for work being completed.  Plus I am a contributing team member vs. executive management now, which means people tend to say thank you instead of how come you are not doing better.  🙂


Do I miss the perceived power that my corporate positions gave me with travel, board meetings, teams working for me, etc…?  Sometimes I do.  In the picture above we did go visit a client, but we got to enjoy some time by the water as well after we got our work done.

The freedom we now enjoy from being debt free and not having to work as hard is impossible to beat however (remember by most about how many hours you save by cutting certain expenses?).  I may work for a company again one day, but it would be because the position was a very good fit and would be something really fun.

For us, freedom is much better than power.  We get to work with clients we enjoy and do projects we love.  We also get to have afternoon staff meetings by the water when necessary.



Would cutting your expenses and working to become debt free be worth it for you?  Would you enjoy the freedom over the power?

Have a wonderful day!

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