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Recession Proof Your Home

Recession Proof Your Home to eliminate the concerns of the world around us.

The political season is now over for the most part for the next four years.  No matter who you voted for, the economy is still sputtering and not moving in the right direction.  There are still companies talking about layoffs or cutting back on hours.  Taxes will still go up over the next four years, either because of the federal, state, or local governments asking for more money.

The world has changed and government for all its talk continues to grow no matter who is in office.  The people who chose to live simply defy modern thinking no matter where you look.  We are trying to live with less, so we can reduce stress and enjoy our lives.  We can recession proof our homes by doing some simple things.  We can prevent our lives from spinning out of control by simply living more simply.

Recession proof your home with these easy steps:

  1. Reduce your debt.  Remember to take the easy wins first, so smallest debt to the largest debt.
  2. Look for places you can eliminate or reduce spending.  Have you called your insurance company lately to check on lower rates?  Have you shopped around?  Think about getting a Trak phone vs. an expensive monthly phone plan, so you have the phone for short calls and emergencies, but very little expense.
  3. Remove clutter.  In some cases extra clutter can cost you money literally.  If you have items in storage or if you are spending a lot of time cleaning up, you could be saving money!
  4. Make a budget.  Making a budget allows you to see all the expenses your family has in a given month.  Most people are pretty surprised when they write down all the expenses.  You may find some great ways to cut expenses and add that money to your debt reduction.
  5. Save 6 months worth of expenses.  This is a big one that gives you and your family peace of mind.  If you have enough money in your savings to last 6 months, you can generally make it through most anything life throws your way.
  6. Take advantage of your community offerings.  We have libraries, parks, museums and other local attractions that are many times free and other times very little cost.  You would be surprised at the books being offered by our local libraries these days.  In the libraries in our hometown, you can actually check out Kindle books or audio books that come in mp3 format for commutes.  Your property and local taxes go to fund a lot of these programs, so utilize them.
  7. Have fun.  At the end of the day the reason we simply is so we can enjoy life and have less stress.  If we are putting more stress on ourselves and not enjoying the journey then take a step back and remember what your goals are.

To recession proof your home means to protect your family against any unforeseen activities, which could derail the best of us.  Loss of jobs, higher taxes, lower incomes can and will happen to most people from time to time.  What we can do is prepare ourselves with lower outgoing payments.

There are a lot of advantages to living simply including protecting you and your family from what happens around us.  We do not have to be subject to financial and political changes if we living simply and have low expenses.  Everyone’s level is different.  We are not minimalists by any stretch of the term, but we have eliminated a lot of expenses and removed a lot of things from our lives.

Our family continues to grow on this journey and it is a journey.


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