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Reduce Your Political Exposure = Peace

Reducing your political exposure can mean inner peace.

The American political engine is in full force this time of year and it will only be getting worse as the weeks pass.  This post will not be about any candidate or the future of the United States.

I want to write about us, the regular people who have jobs, raise our families, pay our taxes and enjoy our lives.

Keep in mind politics account for maybe 5-10% of our overall happiness.  The issue with stress happens when we focus on the one main issue that bothers us such as someone’s stance on a particular issue.

2016 Presidential Candidates

The issues are absolutely important and as a U.S. Navy veteran, I want every citizen of any country to participate in their local and national elections.  It is an honor and a privilege to be able to elect our representatives and not every country has this opportunity.

If you have been on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram lately you may have seen some of the memes floating around and even some pretty tough political banter about every candidate.

Rule #1 – Do not participate in the arguments to maintain your sanity.

One thing to keep in mind is that most “Democrats” and “Republicans” will never change their minds no matter what evidence or data you put in front of them.  This means do not try and sway people’s beliefs if you see these signs.  They have a “team” mentality not a “best candidate” mentality.  You cannot and will not win them over, just move on.

A conversation can start out with two people who are discussing candidates and their strengths / weaknesses, but the open forum allows for the extremes on both ends to jump into the conversation and soon it gets ugly.

These conversations are only productive when all parties are open and bring in good data points for discussion / debate.

Rule #2 – Look up data on voting records and actual accomplishments

If you want to see how our elected leaders have voted on the issues, just visit the government site that tracks all the votes.

Here is a link where you can see who sponsored bills, the votes and contact information on the people who serve us.

Use this information to validate data you may see online or in the news.  Remember most sources of information (even the news) probably have an agenda or personal opinion and will not be as forthcoming as the real data.  The sites above also have contact information.

Remember, our elected officials are paid to work for us and part of their responsibility is to answer your questions as well as represent you.  If you have a question or need clarification, just ask.  Some of the senators and congressmen

Rule #3 – The most important rule – You own your own happiness.

We have more control over our happiness than any candidate does.  Getting out of debt or becoming recession proof are all things we have total control over.  We are still a democracy and with that comes the power to change our own lives with our decisions.

If we take out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to go to a big ivy league college for a poli science degree that is our fault, not a politician.  We make decisions with our eyes wide open and we should take ownership of them.

We cannot expect Bernie, Trump, Hillary, or Cruz to bail us out of our own personal mistakes.  All they do is run our national and foreign policies.  We own our personal policies and budgets.  It would be unfair to expect any of these people to fix our lives.  They have much bigger jobs ahead of them.

If you work towards becoming debt free and making yourself happier, it will have more impact than any candidate that gets elected for president.  If you are debt free and happy with your life, work, and family life, it won’t matter if Bernie, Trump, Hillary or Cruz are in office.  If you are not happy today, wake up tomorrow and start making changes.

Keep life in perspective and always keep an open mind with presidental candidates.  Please review the real data on people running for office, not just what CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, NBC or any single person says.

Here are some quick links to candidate information (Donald Trump has no record, so no links):

Have a great cagefree day!

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