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Selling and Removing Waste or Excess

Selling and Removing Waste/Excess

yard saleIt was 2003 and my wife and I were both working 40-60 hours per week.  We wanted to be able to have one of us with our son as he grew up.  In order to accomplish this goal, we had to work on removing stuff from our lives.

We had to simplify and remove the excess from our home.  All the extra stuff we accumulate costs money and time either directly or indirectly.

The more you have, the more you are occupied. The less you have, the more free you are.”  – Mother Teresa

Let’s take a moment and think about the time required when we have too much stuff.  A yard with a lot of furniture and stuff requires you to pick up everything each time you mow the lawn.  This seemingly innocuous event could take up an average of 30 minutes or more every time you mow the lawn.

Now, what about the garage or the basement?  Have you seen someone’s garage just full of stuff before?  Sometimes when we get so much stuff we cannot even fit the cars in the garage.  If you live up north and get snow, now you have to clean the vehicles off every storm (not fun).

Spring cleaning when you have a lot stuff is painful and very time consuming.  My wife and I have sat outside many a weekend and watched the neighbors working in the garage, just to make room for more stuff.  People will put shelves in, stack items, and even put some items in the attic to make more room.

The real solution is to not buy so much stuff!  

The great news is we can change things over time.  We went from a 2,000 square foot home to a 900 square foot home.  Making this transition required us to begin removing clutter from our lives.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe

Removing clutter does not happen overnight and does not come without a certain level of pain.  Start with something small.  A kitchen junk drawer or a closet are good places to begin.

Set a small goal the first time of getting rid of 10 things in a day.  The more you work at it, the more you end up getting rid of and the better it feels.

The difficulties letting go come in several areas:

  • Items we received as gifts
  • Old memorabilia from the past
  • Items we may need
  • I will fit back into these clothes
  • I need those clothes if I gain weight again

I am sure there are more, but that is a short list.  Everyone of us is different and have different reasons for holding onto certain items.

Begin with the easy stuff and leave the items, which present an emotional barrier to get rid of at first.  What we do not want to do is halt progress or stop it because we ran into a barrier we are not ready to cross yet.

I started with clothing and clutter.  At one point, we started paying closer attention to if we used an item in the past few months.  Taking small steps to selling and removing waste is important.

The great news is you can have a yard sale like the one pictured, which also provides some extra cash to throw at debt or your rainy day fund.

Happy decluttering and have a cagefree weekend!

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