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Simple Living Weekend Reads

Simple Living Weekend Reads are some other blog posts I found interesting during the week.

Morning CoffeeI love that so many people are learning about living simply and it is giving them freedom to enjoy life more.  We can learn so much from each other and we are very lucky in this day and age to have a medium which allows us to share with others.

Enjoy the articles and have a great weekend!

Love it or Heave it:  I just love the title and it fits with my previous post about removing clutter.  365 Less Things is a great blog with a lot of great ideas for removing clutter from your home.

It is a bus or a tiny house?  If you answered both you would be correct and visit this site to see how a bus was transformed into a tiny house.  I just love this movement of living smaller and with less.

Identify Your Real Treasures and Finally Let Go:  One of my favorite blogs on the web.  Courtney this week wrote about identifying what is important in your life.  This is a great exercise for anyone and helps us visualize what really matters.  Whether it is stuff, people, or activities we can let go.

Enjoy the simple living weekend reads and remember to be grateful, thankful, and humble.

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