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Simple Living Weekend Reads

Living In Maine

Morning CoffeeSimple Living Weekend Reads are some other blog posts I found interesting during the week.

I love that so many people are learning about living simply and it is giving them freedom to enjoy life more.  We can learn so much from each other and we are very lucky in this day and age to have a medium which allows us to share with others.

Enjoy the articles and have a great weekend!


America’s Donald Trump complex:  We’re addicted to consumption – and it’s destroying us.  – Great article about our issues with consumption.  We are quite literally in some cases destroying ourselves with our consumptive addictions.

A Culture of Envy – We get caught up in keeping up with the people we deem successful and wealthy.  We want what they have and envy them rather than focusing on what is most important and being happy with ourselves.

Identify Your Real Treasures and Finally Let Go – Great article that speaks to how important moments are vs. possessions.  I have been reading Courtney’s stuff for over a year now.

Flowing Through – On the blog 365 Less Things Colleen is very helpful for those of us looking to remove clutter from our lives.

Enjoy the simple living weekend reads and remember to be grateful, thankful, and humble.

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