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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and be happy with our lives.  Comparing our lives to the lives of others can be toxic.  Live your dreams, not someone else’s dream of what life should be.


Photo Credit: Kellie Chasse – KellieChasseFineArt.com

Remember some important comparison points:

  1. They could be working 12-16 hour days.
  2. They could have very high debt.
  3. If they lost a job tomorrow, everything could be gone.
  4. Their family life may not be as nice as it looks from the outside.
  5. They may secretly envy you (seriously).
  6. Consumption can be an addiction.

We never know the real story behind the lives of others.  Judging the success or lifestyle purely by what is visible from the outside is often a big mistake.  What lies beneath the surface could be a hot mess.

If someone takes trips a few times a year, drives nice new vehicles, has a big fancy home, a lot of toys then usually there is a cost.  We just see the wondrous adventures and toys, but we do not see the cost underneath all that.

What is the sacrifice to have all that?  Sometimes it can be a family fortune, which someone else down the line paid for.  More often than not, it is someone putting in a lot of hours at work and managing debt (sometimes rather skillfully).

Marketers have been using comparisons for years to show you what others have and how it can make you happier.  Watch a car commercial carefully for the messaging they are using.  How about the commercials or magazines who show people wearing certain clothing or using gadgets?

Remember it is the media’s job to create a large group of ultra consumers who will spend beyond their means in order to have things.

If you want to be free enough to make choices about your future, your retirement, and your finances, you only need to look inward.  Write down your goals and talk about them out loud.  Make your budget plan to fit those goals and tackle them.

If you want to work 16 hour days, because you love work and believe in what you do, go for it!  I still put in some long days myself, but it is out of choice, because I have great clients and I love my work.  Kellie is the same way.  We have a choice, because the goals were written down and we followed our plan.

Have a great week ahead!

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