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Tiny house Example

This is one of my favorite tiny house examples.  The reason why is because of how simple they have build their home.

Click the link below to see all their pictures.  Robert and Samantha really paid attention to the small details that make this home really nice.  From outlets to lighting, they really put together a beautiful and functional home.

Tiny house exmple

Tiny house on shedsistence.com.

Living small does not mean giving up comfortable living. It does mean cleaning less, having to maintain less and enjoying life more. We spend so much time cleaning, fixing, working to pay for extra square footage that we miss out on life.

What I love about their home is it looks comfortable and nice with room to still have friends visit and some elbow room for a couple which is very important.

I would probably have a big television on the wall across from the couch however for my Netflix addiction.  🙂

We did not go tiny yet, but we did go small with just a small 900 square foot cottage on the water.  Kellie and I only use 650 square feet of the home and the rest is for our son.

If we had not made the move to small, we would not have been able to dedicate ourselves fully to our own businesses and be 100% debt free.  We have more time for the important things in life vs. working for other people.

Remember living smaller and without debt does not mean sacrificing, it actually means you get more out of life.

Have a great week ahead!


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