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Tiny House Living Can Payoff Big

Tiny house living does not mean giving up nice things and a great living space.  Downsizing can actually mean you are free to save more for retirement and even follow your dreams without stress and worry, which can mean making even more money in some cases.

Two years ago we made a big life decision to move from a 2,000 square foot home to a 900 square foot home.  Getting rid of our mortgage was our final step to becoming 100% debt free and would allow us to make life changes, we are now taking advantage of.  We have done a lot of work to the front of the house and I need to update the image I have for this post.

I came across two different tiny house stories on Youtube, which I will share here.  We did not step all the way down to these size homes, but we talk about how small we could go.  I think for us, the smallest home we would want to go down to for an extended number of years would be around 450-600 square feet.

Both of these homes are less than 200 square feet and one of the homes is being lived in by a family of 4!  When we see the average size home in the United States sitting at right around 2,500 square feet, seeing people happily living in less than 200 square feet is refreshing.

Below is the video of the family living in a tinyhouse.

The next video really shows us that a tinyhouse does not have to mean giving up on having a beautiful home.  She has some very nice touches from the fixtures to the skylight and even a very nice propane fireplace.

Whether you go down to a 150 square foot home or down to a 1,000 square foot home, the benefit is to simplify your life so you have time for other things.  Many times that extra square footage can cost us our health and freedom.  Is it worth the extra time and money for the extra space?

We only live once and our time is precious.  Get the most out of your life for you and the ones you love, not for a company or a debtor.

Earth Day Challenge:  Earth Day is April 22 and with that in mind, let’s all try and take a moment to carry a bag with us to pick up trash we see on the road whenever we go for a walk.  Even if you only do it once a week, let’s try and make the planet a better place.

Have a wonderful day!


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