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Why Would You Want to Live Simply?

Rainbow in Maine

To live simply, we need to take a step back from what is normal.

The consumptive lifestyle that is the normal operating process in today’s society has caused many people to go into debt or to live right to the limits of their income.  Marketing and sales people are very tuned into what makes people want to purchase their products.  As marketing professionals, we dial in on the what works the best for our target markets.

I won’t go into all the specifics of marketing, but just know the teams who are advertising are spending a lot of money to make you believe a product is necessary for your happiness, safety, or just to make you feel and look good.  Watch the commercials closely next time to see what they are focusing on (safety, security, fear, and ego).

Why would you ever want to live simply and give up things such as cable television, smart phones with unlimited data plans, the great new car, huge home, and all the lavish things that come with being normal?  One word:  Freedom.  By living simply we do not give up anything, but we gain everything.  You can go back and read several articles where I break down the cost of cell phone ownership, cable television ownership and other things, but those all require time at work.

Work is something we all have to do even if you have zero debt in order to have things such as health insurance, a home, food, clothing, etc…  The difference with having no debt and having a lot of debt is the type of work you do.  What if tomorrow someone told you not to worry about your bills, but to pick the type of work you would like to do?  Is it the same work you are doing right now and is it for the same boss or number of hours?  If your answer is yes, that is actually pretty awesome.  Simple living and being debt free provides you with easier choices.  You no longer are forced to work that job or the insane hours unless you love what you are doing and chose to do it.

I am working on a book myself, but there is another book out from a well known simple living blogger, Tammy Strobel.  Here is a link to buy her book.  You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too  Tammy Strobel’s blog is located here and it is one of the blogs I follow pretty regularly in my Google Reader application.

Living simply and learning to be happy with less stuff is key to having the freedom we all deserve.  The picture I used in my post from a great rainbow I saw the other day on my drive home from work, what a treat to see such colors.  I did not have a great camera with me unfortunately, but tried to get as good a picture as I could get without my nice camera on hand.

Have a happy and simple cage free life!


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