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Yard Sale to Get Things Moving

yard sale

Today we go sign the paperwork to get our  new tiny house!

I honestly had thought we were doing pretty good at keep our stuff to a minimum over the years, but this week has proven different.  My wife has been a champ going through all our old household items.  She just kept pulling items from everywhere!

When you have an attic, shed, and a basement, things disappear for years in boxes you never knew existed.  At one time everything we own had a good use.  Over the years you change however and the useful items fall to the wayside.

We spent a lot of time yesterday pulling items from the basement, attic, and shed.  Kellie spent a lot of time pricing and sorting all of the items.  We even had some help from our awesome neighbor who provided us with some extra tables.

Our house is not the really small tiny houses you see on the web, but coming in at 900 square feet, we have shrunk a lot.  To give you some perspective, we are moving from an 1,800 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and not just a living room, but a separate family room.

We realized how little we were using of the home one morning while having our morning coffee together.  We just did not utilize the other rooms in the house enough to justify the upkeep on the entire home.  We only used the bedrooms (2), kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and living room.  That was it, which is about 800-900 square feet of our current home.

The most common quest we both receive at this point is why would you leave here for there?  The expectation is that we grow professionally and financially  your home gets bigger and better.  We are breaking this paradigm regarding homes and success.  Unless folks are aware of the simplicity movement, they look at you with an eye of curiosity.

Here is why we are simplifying:

  • We will be recession proof with no mortgage.
  • Smaller home means less to keep clean.
  • Smaller home means the roof costs less to replace.
  • Smaller home means the heating bill is less.
  • We are close as a family, so the small space is not a negative.
  • The space is still large enough where we can all get away for quiet time.
  • Taxes are less on a smaller home.
  • We are forced to keep only the items we need, so we do not waste as much.
  • We have a smaller environmental footprint on the world.
  • We have more time for trips.
  • We have more money for trips.
  • We have more time with each other.

I could go on, but you get the gist of our thoughts regarding simplicity.  Simplicity helps the family in so many ways and for my wife and I it helps us gain back more time.  No matter how much money we make, we cannot recapture time.  We need to make the most of what we have regarding time.

Have a wonderful day.


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