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Yard Sales – The Perfect Way to Clean Up

Yard Sale - Make Money and Remove Clutter

Yard sales are perfect for removing clutter and making money to put towards your debt.

We have had some extremely hot weather here the past couple of days, which makes me think of yard sales. That perfect task for not only clearing out your old stuff, but to make a few dollars to put towards your debt or just to have some family fun.  The image above was a yard sale we had at the end of the year last year.  So far this year, we have only been donating, but we had a lot more to get rid of last year as we were just starting to cut back on “things”.

We always begin by going through the basement and attic for anything we have not used in the past 6 months to a year. There are really only two questions you need to ask when looking your home over for yard sale items.

  1. Have we used this in the past year?
  2. Do we need, notice I did not say want, but “need” this item in our home?

Those are simple questions and hopefully what you are left with in your attic are either holiday decorations, which only go up once a year or things which are essential to your life only at certain times of year.

We find it easiest to do this twice a year. We also run an eBay business, so we visit estate sales looking for antiques and collectables up here in Maine. Needless to say we have some amazing yard sales with some very collectible and fun items you typically may not find at yard sales. If you take the time and do the yard sale twice a year though, it provides a great opportunity to clean out your home of that unwanted clutter, which just causes stress most of the time.

After the yard sale, putting what is left into a vehicle and donating it to your local charity is a great idea. I am assuming here that you only put up working and useful items in the yard sale. It is great to give, but remember it is better to drop off things you feel would be useful and beneficial to someone in need. I tend to recycle things that are broken beyond repair, torn or unusable.

Remember giving is an important aspect of living a peaceful and enriched life. By giving we end up receiving a lot more spiritually and emotionally. By living simply, we are more able to give of our time or money to those who can benefit the most.

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